Daily Chat: Four Wide

The Vikings will bring in former Patriot receiver Sam Aiken, former Eagles/Bucs receiver Reggie Brown, former Ravens receiver Demetrius Williams, and former Packer/Rams/Seahawks receiver Ruvell Martin for a looksee today, according to Fox’ Jay Glazer.

Sam Aiken spend the first five years of his career with the Buffalo Bills before spending two years in New England. His most productive season was last year, when he caught twenty passes and scored two touchdowns.

Reggie Brown looks like the prototypical Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver castoff that Brad Childress loves so much: Undersized at 6’1″, 197 lbs with modest production. His most productive season was 2007, when he caught 61 passes and scored four touchdowns.

Demetrius Williams played four years, all with Baltimore, and never caught more than 25 passes in a year.

Same with Ruvell Martin though he did score four touchdowns among the 16 receptions he caught from Brett Favre in 2007. At 6’4″, 220 lbs, he’s a possible red zone threat.

Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss reiterated that he feels unloved in New England after his team beat the Bengals Sunday. “I really don’t think that personally I’m appreciated,” he said.

While we’re bringing in undersized, talent-challenged receivers for a tryout, maybe we should be thinking about showing Randy some love.

Looks like the Vikings may have finally pinned down what ails Percy Harvin with the diagnosis of sleep apnea, which they believe is the cause of his migraine headaches.

The details Harvin revealed to Andrea Kramer are pretty scary: His heart had stopped beating while he was in the hospital after he’d collapsed during practice.

The Vikings are tied with Chicago and Green Bay as the fourth most popular NFL team, according to Nielsen.

The league-best number of players the Vikings had in The Sporting News‘ top 100 NFL players list, compiled by a blue ribbon panel of former players (including Hall of Famers), head coaches, and general managers.

The Vikings had two players in the top 10, three in the top 15, four in the top 25 and five in the top 30. The Vikings players were:

  • Adrian Peterson, number 5
  • Jared Allen, number 10
  • Brett Favre, number 15
  • Steve Hutchinson, number 23
  • Kevin Williams, number 29
  • Sidney Rice, number 71
  • Percy Harvin, number 93

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