David Strom Does Outkast’s Hey Ya

David Strom

Okay, this is not actually playing a surprisingly good acoustic version of one of my favorite hip hop songs, ‘s , but it sure looks like him. And, by the way, Strom’s last name is particularly appropriate for this video.

For those of you who are not Minnesotans or are Minnesotans who don’t pay attention to our state’s public affairs or politics, David Strom is the spokesman and president of the conservative, no-new-taxes- .

Strom can often be seen on television on public affairs program and on program.

Strom blogs at his . Anyway, as I said, this is not David Strom. It is actually Mat Weddle of Arizona band . But the thought that immediately popped into my head when I first saw the video was of Strom. Judge for yourself:

And, for comparison, the original Hey Ya music video: